The 3rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering(ICAICE 2022)
Prof. Tao Ning

Prof. Tao Ning


Prof. Tao Ning

College of Computer Science and Engineering, Dalian Minzu University, China

 Title: Vehicle Detection Method with low-carbon Technology in Haze Weather Based on Deep Neural Network

Abstract: Vehicle detection based on deep learning achieves excellent results in normal environments, but it is still challenging to detect objects in low-quality images obtained in hazy weather. Existing methods tend to ignore favorable latent information and it is difficult to balance speed and accuracy rate, etc. Therefore, the existing deep neural network is studied, and the YOLOv5 algorithm is improved based on ResNet. Aiming at the problem of low utilization of shallow features, DensNet is added in the feature extraction stage to reduce feature loss and increase utilization. An attention module is added in the feature extraction and fusion stage to better focus on potential information and improve the detection accuracy in haze weather. In view of the difficulty of vehicle detection in haze weather, Focal loss is introduced to give more weights to difficult samples, balance the number of difficult and easy samples, and improve detection accuracy. The experimental results show that the improved network enhances the accuracy of vehicle recognition and verifies the effectiveness of the method. 


摘要:基于深度学习的配送车辆检测在正常环境下取得了优异的结果,但在雾天获取的低质量图像中检测目标仍然具有挑战性。现有方法未充分利用潜在信息,难以平衡速度和准确率等。因此,研究了现有的深度神经网络,并基于ResNet改进了YOLOv5算法。针对浅层特征利用率低的问题,在特征提取阶段增加了DensNet,以减少特征损失,提高利用率。在特征提取和融合阶段增加了关注模块,以更好地关注潜在信息,提高雾霾天气中的检测精度。针对雾霾天气下车辆检测的难度,引入Focal loss,为困难样本赋予更多权重,平衡难易样本数量、提升检测精度。实验结果表明,改进后的网络提高了车辆的识别准确率,验证了该方法的有效性。


Tao Ning, professor of College of Computer Science and Engineering, Dalian Minzu University. He was selected into the Liaoning Province Hundred Thousand Talents Project, Dalian High-level Talent, Special Researcher of China Society of Logistics, and Senior Member of China Computer Federation. He graduated from Dalian Maritime University in July 2013 and obtained a doctorate degree in traffic information engineering and control. From 2016 to 2019, he did postdoctoral research at Dalian University of Technology. He is currently a professor at the College of Computer Science and Engineering, Dalian Minzu University, and the ideological and political director of the National Ethnic Affairs Commission Key Laboratory of Big Data Application Technology